Thursday hike night

The great white mountain

Tonight my brother in law and I took a quick hike up to Mason Lake in the Cascades. We had both taken off a little early from work so we could make the whole trip without the need for flashlights. As it was, it worked out just perfectly.

The trip to Mason Lake is made via the Ira Spring Trail off of I-90. It’s a pretty quick trip out there from Seattle, and definitely worth the extra time it takes to go there as opposed to one of the more popular destinations. The wildflowers were in full bloom and were beautiful. The trail itself was a little dusty, but nothing terrible. In fact, the dust made the trek that much nicer in our Merrell barefoot shoes (trail gloves).

While the occasional solitary hike is nice, and good for the mind, it’s nice to have a compatriot along – especially when we hike at the same speed. We were able to move briskly up the trail, chatting mostly about the Ancestral Health Symposium and so on. All in all, it was a good time. The rest of this post will just be pictures, as there’s not much more to say. The scenery was beautiful, and it was nice to forget the city for a while.

(Link to trail page – Ira Spring Trail)

Ahh vista

My hiking buddy for the day - in Merrell Trail Gloves

A quick blurrycam action shot.

Me doing what I do best - running my mouth

The small pool at the foot of the lake... it's leaking!

Holy still water, batman! Mason Lake is pretty!


2 thoughts on “Thursday hike night

  1. Good stuff kind of thing we like to do with all the family, lads love climbing up mountain streams. Come to think of it so do I and the missus. We’re busy trying to promote this life in the UK, about to start lobbying health professionals for referrals, though don.t think it will be easy.
    Take care, keep up the good work!

    Feel free to check out our blog, maybe comment too? :

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