Workout #1

I will be developing workouts for the next 30 days to accompany the 30 day challenge. This programming is not meant to supplant or even supplement an existing strength and/or conditioning program that you are involved with, but rather for people that do not have any existing plan. My goal is to make this program accessible to people at home with minimal or no supplies. If you choose to follow this workout routine, you do it of your own accord.

NOTE: I will not be held responsible for any injury whatsoever accrued from following this regimen. You are in the drivers seat and you know if and when something is too much. If it’s too much, stop. Take your time, focus on listening to your body, be safe, work on successful and correct completion of each movement. If you have any concerns or conditions which concern you, talk with your doctor before starting any workout routine.

These workouts should be performed as quickly as possible. You will be working one of two ways: completing rounds for the best time you can or completing as many rounds as you can in a given time. Your goal is to always be moving, to be pushing yourself to the next rep, exercise, or movement.

Warm Up
The warm up consists of dynamic movements and stretches, limbering ligaments and tendons while pumping blood into muscles. This is a fantastic warm up and I recommend everyone do this one as advertised. Yes, it should take a little time.  My recommendation would be to do your air squats below parallel :). This warm up should have you ready to go. Take about 3 minutes to shake it out and prepare yourself mentally for the next step.

Work out
Today’s work out is simple: Three rounds for time. First round: 12 repetitions of each of the following: push-up, sit-up, and air squats. Second round: 9 repetitions of push-up, sit-up, and air squats. Third round: 6 repetitions of push-up, sit-up, and air squats. Make sure you record your time. Now go for a cool down walk. Walk until your heart rate and breathing has slowed to a level you can
Push ups and modifications.
Basic how-to video.
From here, we can make several modifications, both to increase or decrease difficulty. To increase difficulty, point your toes and rest on the tops of your feet while doing your push up. Additionally, you can move to clapping push ups, or raise an arm when at the top of the push up position. To decrease difficulty, you can rest on your knees instead of your feet, or limit your range of motion. It is important, however, that you are always striving for the maximum range of motion while doing the push up – unless you are completely unable to do so. Even still, work towards a full, complete, and proper push up. Focus on perfect form for every rep.

Sit ups and modifications:
Basic sit up video.
The standard in the video is fine, but you should focus on touching your toes for it to count as a rep. Modify as stated in the video.

Air Squats.
Basic Air squat video.
No modifications for this one. Get as low as you can safely and effectively. Keep your chest up and work on maintaining a good lumbar curve.

Post workout stretch
Post workout stretching is just as important for your health and well-being as the pre-workout warm up. The muscles we are going to focus on will be the chest, the hamstrings, and the back and abs. Stretch for as long as it takes you to feel comfortable and rested.
Shoulder wall stretch
Hamstring stretches
Psoas stretch
Cobra stretch

Good luck and let me know how it went in the comments!


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